Getting Started

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Getting Started Is Easy

Get started by contacting us either through our Contact Form by clicking below, or via email at and we'll gladly initiate the process and answer any questions you may have.

Returning Clients

If you're a returning client, log in to your Time to Pet account through here and easily schedule service and update your information at any time.

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How To Get Started

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    Meet and Greet

    Schedule a complimentary Meet and Greet so that we may get acquainted. 

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    Schedule Service Easily Through Our App

    Download our Time to Pet app and easily schedule service and update your information at any time.

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    Enjoy Peace of Mind While You're Away

    Experience worry-free care with real-time, detailed GPS reports and pictures after every visit.

Complimentary Meet and Greet

All clients will have the opportunity to meet with us before starting service. The Meet and Greet is provided free of charge. There is no obligation to book with Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC at the Meet and Greet, but if you would like to move forward with scheduling, the Meet and Greet is a great opportunity to  discuss scheduling specifics, home-entry instructions, and tips and tricks specific to you cat’s care. Please note that any home-entry information given to us is stored through a highly-secure system.

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We partner with the best pet sitting software, Time to Pet, to make booking visits easy and secure. Download the Time to Pet app from the App Store or Google Play and login in to your new account. In your Time to Pet account, you can schedule service, communicate with our team and make payments. Through Time to Pet, you will also receive detailed updates and real-time photos of your happy cats.

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Our tailor-made service is designed with your busy schedule in mind.

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We provide services for Evanston and the surrounding area.

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Getting started is easy. Contact us through our Contact Form and we'll schedule a complimentary meet and greet.

Additional Getting Started Information

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Time to Pet Portal

Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC uses an online management software program (Time to Pet) for scheduling, invoicing, payments, and tracking specifics as to your cat’s care. Once your account has been activated, please fully complete the “My Info” and “Pets” sections of your profile. This information is integral to the care of your cat, so please do take the time to thoughtfully fill in all fields. Additionally, you will be asked to sign our portal policy and liability waiver when you log in for the first time. Services cannot begin until you have agreed to the Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC policy and signed the liability waiver.


We strongly recommend using a key box, but if that's not possible, please prepare two copies of keys for us, test them in your locks and have them ready for pick-up during the Meet-and-Greet. At the end of your scheduled service, we can either return your keys to you or you can let us retain them for future service. It is recommended that your keys remain in your Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC file for your convenience and for use during future services.

Emergency Contacts

We require that at least one emergency contact is provided for our records when we are caring for your cats. If service is unexpectedly canceled or if Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC  is unable to provide care for your cats for any reason, we will make every effort to make arrangements with someone who can care for your cats if you are unable to return home to care for them.


Please communicate with us in the way that is most convenient for you. You can send messages through Time to Pet, email Management directly at , or call us at (847) 749-7544. In order to keep everyone in the loop, however, we will update your Time to Pet conversation feed and/or Time to Pet profiles with any important info. This allows us to have all communication in one place. The pet care information contained in Time to Pet can be viewed by all Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC professionals who care for your cats, so this is the easiest way to make sure we have all of the relevant info on-hand.

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If you would like to receive text messages, please enable text messaging in your portal under My Info. Please note that you will receive messages through our text-only number. If you need to call us, you may do so at (847) 749-7544.

Report Cards

At the end of every cat sitting service, you will receive a detailed report card of your cat's time with us that includes GPS tracking information and happy photos of your cats.