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February is National Cat Health Month

How many cat lovers start worrying about their cat's health whenever they hear Boots sneezing, coughing, or throwing up on ...
Inquisitive cats

Do You Know the Answers to Your Cat’s Questions?

Nobody knows who created National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day but, on January 22, are you prepared to answer any ...
Cat eyeing plants

May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month and Chip Your Pet Month

Each year during the month of May, pet owners all over the world observe Responsible Animal Guardian Month. Established by ...
Black cat in a crate waiting to be adopted.

Discover What Real Unconditional Love Is When You Adopt A Cat On National Adopt A Pet Day

Listen Up, All Cat and Dog Devotees! The following information is for those who have pets and want to add ...
Cat with attitude

Respect Your Cat Day: Are You Showing Your Cat Enough Respect?

What? Another day devoted to celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and magical charm of cats, you ask? You bet! Respect Your ...
Outdoor cat

Your Cat and Cold Temperatures

Q. Do pet owners have to be sensitive to their cat's needs for extra warmth during the winter months?Q. Perhaps ...
Kitty pawing at Christmas Tree ornaments.

December is Cat Lover’s Month!

It's Time to Celebrate Our Never-Ending Love Fur Cats Cats are the reason we wake up every day (well, how ...
Holding a cat.

Adopt a Senior Cat During Senior Pet Month

It is difficult to think of a beautiful and loving senior cat living in an animal shelter for the rest ...
Rainbow shining on cat.

There is a National Pet Memorial Day!

The Unconditional Love from Cats (and other pets) Felines have stolen the hearts of millions of pet owners across the ...
Cat sitting near a violin.

Do Cats Respond to Music?

Understanding the science behind cats and their love for classical music begins with learning about the similarities between cat brains ...