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Kitty pawing at Christmas Tree ornaments.

December is Cat Lover’s Month!

It's Time to Celebrate Our Never-Ending Love Fur Cats Cats are the reason we wake up every day (well, how ...
Holding a cat.

Adopt a Senior Cat During Senior Pet Month

It is difficult to think of a beautiful and loving senior cat living in an animal shelter for the rest ...
Rainbow shining on cat.

There is a National Pet Memorial Day!

The Unconditional Love from Cats (and other pets) Felines have stolen the hearts of millions of pet owners across the ...
Cat sitting near a violin.

Do Cats Respond to Music?

Understanding the science behind cats and their love for classical music begins with learning about the similarities between cat brains ...
Kitties curiously listening and watching

When Did International Cat Day Start, and By Whom and Why?

Did you know that at least one-third of the world's population own cats? There are over 85 million cats in ...
Orange tabby sitting pretty

Zoonotic Disease in Cats: Protecting You and Your Cat from Infections

Vaccines are an essential part of cat care. Without vaccines, cats are subject to diseases that can lower their quality ...
Bedtime kitty cuddles

How Cats Make Us Well

"I can feel my blood pressure going down" "My mood is calmer and happier" "I stop worrying about everything" "I ...
Toxic Cat Plants

The Top 10 Poisonous Indoor Plants for Cats You Need to Know About Today

If you are a cat owner, then you want to do everything you can to keep your cat safe and ...
Cat walking into litter box

Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Cat Litter

When deciding which products to use for your cat, there are so many choices. This goes for the leashes, collars, ...
Side profile of grey tabby cat.

3 Common Cat Behavioral Concerns and Remedies

One of the main goals all cat owners want to reach is an understanding of feline behavior and ensuring a ...