December is Cat Lover’s Month!

Kitty pawing at Christmas Tree ornaments.

It’s Time to Celebrate Our Never-Ending Love Fur Cats Cats are the reason we wake up every day (well, how can’t we when they are clawing on your blankets at five in the morning and demanding their breakfast rather loudly?!)  They’re also the reason we go to sleep peacefully— with the heartwarming sound of purring…

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Adopt a Senior Cat During Senior Pet Month

Holding a cat.

It is difficult to think of a beautiful and loving senior cat living in an animal shelter for the rest of its life. No animal deserves this type of long-term living situation. Shelters are great for short-term living and some animal shelters do their share in saving the animal from certain death.  While many animal shelters…

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There is a National Pet Memorial Day!

Rainbow shining on cat.

The Unconditional Love from Cats (and other pets) Felines have stolen the hearts of millions of pet owners across the nation. However, there are many other pet breeds that families across America embrace taking care of and are heartbroken when they pass away. Felines have taken many homes across the nation by storm and have fast…

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Do Cats Respond to Music?

Cat sitting near a violin.

Understanding the science behind cats and their love for classical music begins with learning about the similarities between cat brains and human brains. In addition to sharing the same brain structure (cerebral cortices, lobes, etc), cat and human brains are also gyrencephalic, meaning they are “folded” to preserve space. Primates, dogs, whales, elephants and pigs…

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How Cats Make Us Well

Bedtime kitty cuddles

“I can feel my blood pressure going down” “My mood is calmer and happier” “I stop worrying about everything” “I just feel blessed!” These are common answers from cat owners when asked how they feel when they are cuddling their cat (or cats). And there’s plenty of scientific evidence to support the fact that cats…

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