February is National Cat Health Month

How many cat lovers start worrying about their cat’s health whenever they hear Boots sneezing, coughing, or throwing up on a freshly made bed? It’s probably safe to say that all humans owned by one or more cats have anxiously researched “cat sneezing” or “why would my cat cough?” on the Internet within seconds of witnessing their furbaby acting unwell. And that’s OK because we love them so much.

Being hypervigilant about the health of your cat is actually a good thing. Cats are not nearly as domesticated as dogs, which means many of their behaviors arise from pure instinct. Consequently, cats put up a brave front in front of other cats and humans when they are ill or injured. Just a few thousand years ago, cats were untamed, living in the wild, and fighting for survival. Predators and other cats would have immediately recognized an easy meal when they realized an injured cat that could not defend itself.

So, the next time Boots sneezes four times in a row and then continues nonchalantly about her daily business, you go right ahead and worry about her! Although Boots is probably just fine, it’s possible she might need to see her veterinarian but she doesn’t want you to know she isn’t feeling her best.


5 Ways to Support National Cat Health Month


1. When Is the Last Time Your Cat Visited the Vet for a Check-up?

Cats over six years of age should get preventative physical exams and blood tests once a year. Indoor/outdoor cats should see their veterinarian every year for a check-up, no matter what their age. Periodontal disease, arthritis, and kidney failure are common health problems affecting older cats. Roaming cats can harbor parasitical infestations but remain asymptomatic until the infestation has progressed.


2. Indulge Your Love for Your Cat By Purchasing New Toys

A happy, healthy cat is a cat who has jingle balls to chase, cat trees to climb, and catnip-filled socks to bat around and shred to pieces. Laser pointers, fishing poles for cats, wind-up mice, or even a human hand safely protected by a soft glove all make great playthings for felines. Bored cats will tell you they are bored by misbehaving and doing things that make you wag your finger at them and say “bad kitty”. So, celebrate National Cat Month this February by giving your cat early birthday surprises!

3. Let Your Social Media Friends Know It’s National Cat Health Month

Share information about ensuring all cats receive proper healthcare this February by posting reminders to your social media about the importance of annual exams for cats and how cats tend to hide signs of being ill. You could always take this time to post favorite pictures of your cat and links to articles about cat health issues. Use the hashtag #nationalcathealthmonth to reach a wider audience of cat aficionados.


4. More Tips for Keeping Your Cat as Healthy as Possible

  • Keep vaccinations up-to-date. Talk to your vet about what vaccinations they consider necessary to prevent your cat from infectious diseases.
  • Get your cat’s teeth cleaned at least once every two years.
  • Give your cat flea and tick medication on an as-needed basis. Both types of medications come in pill, liquid, or collar form.
  • Consider purchasing pet insurance if you have multiple cats with chronic disorders.
  • Feed your cat high-quality wet and dry food that contains nutrients vital to a cat’s physical and cognitive well-being. Cats require plenty of protein, water, and essential amino acids such as leucine, taurine, lysine, and phenylalanine.


5. Hire an Experienced Cat Sitter When You Have to Leave Your Furbaby

A cat’s emotional health is just as important as its physical health. Cat sitting is a special type of pet sitting that ensures your cat is happy, content, and properly cared for in her own home when you have to be away. Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting LLC provides in-home cat care from people who understand and love cats–just like you! Leaving cats alone for a few hours is acceptable, but cats should never be left by themselves for an extended time without a human cat sitter making sure they are fed, petted, talked to, and played with while their owner is away.

Never worry again when you have to leave your furbaby at home. Call Purrfect Pawz N Palz Cat Sitting at 847-749-7544 today to schedule cat sitting services.

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