There is a National Pet Memorial Day!

The Unconditional Love from Cats (and other pets)

Felines have stolen the hearts of millions of pet owners across the nation. However, there are many other pet breeds that families across America embrace taking care of and are heartbroken when they pass away. Felines have taken many homes across the nation by storm and have fast become one of the most loved and favorite of all pets. 

It is only fitting to have a day set aside to remember our cats and the endless list of other pet breeds who have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge where they await your arrival someday.

It is said that there is a lovely bridge that crosses a freshwater stream in Heaven called the Rainbow Bridge. There is an ever present rainbow over this bridge which is covered with sweet-smelling and beautiful flowers. Our pets wander about bright green grassy meadows and coexist with other animal breeds. 

When our pets die, it is time that they really begin to live an eternal and happy life. This is the area in heaven, where your pet awaits your arrival when you pass away, and you finally get to reunite once again. Only then will you and your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

When you lose a pet in death, the days following become more bearable, and the sting is not as great. We often remember our deceased cats for the loving companions they once were and the amazing cat care you gave to them. You will never forget them and they will never forget you. Do your part and remember September 13 as National Pet Memorial Day. Plan something special to honor your pet in remembrance of the unconditional love they have for you, and remember that you will meet your pet (s) again someday at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Our pets play an essential part in our lives. From wolves to little kittens, turtles, and many others have captured our hearts in ways we never thought possible. 

There is evidence that domesticated animals go back thousands of years BC. Dogs and cats had a place in peoples’ homes and hearts. Dog and cat memorials have been found to prove that pets certainly play an essential part of our lives as early back as 14,000 BC. 

These memorials tell us that many people embraced their pets from thousands of years ago to the present time. In the 21st Century, we find thousands of pet cemeteries paying homage to beloved pets. One thing that has never changed is that pet owners never stopped memorializing the pets that brought them so much unconditional love over these thousands of years. 

September 13 is the one day in the year that stands out as the day, pet owners memorialize their deceased pets. Allow your creative juices to flow and think of some unique and personal ways in which you can outwardly remember your pets. 

Everyone is different, and everyone has their unique ways of remembering their deceased pet. Gone for a little while, but never forgotten in the hearts of pet owners across the nation, until one day they have united once again, owner and pet for eternity, at the Rainbow Bridge. 

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