Discover What Real Unconditional Love Is When You Adopt A Cat On National Adopt A Pet Day

Listen Up, All Cat and Dog Devotees!

  • The following information is for those who have pets and want to add them to their feline or canine family. Never adopt more pets than you can afford to care for or spend quality time with.
  • This information is also for loving homes with no pets, but are thinking about adopting a cat or dog.

Please keep these dates in mind and circle them on your calendar! However, if you are not a loving and caring pet owner and cannot devote your life to caring for your pet for the rest of its life in the best possible way, please disregard this information.

While animal shelters and loving staff give an animal the bare essentials, this is far from what a friendly and highly loving home with devoted human parents can give a homeless animal. The above adoption dates are fast approaching again this year. Be very sure that you can devote your time, money, unconditional love, and home for the long term before you proceed with pet adoption.

What’s the Low Down on Animal Shelters?

No-Kill Shelters and Local Humane Societies:

We can all make a difference in the world to a homeless cat or dog. Kudos go out to animal shelters that adopt a no-kill policy. The homeless dogs and cats in these shelters stay forever or until a loving and caring person like you comes and adopts them.

Pet lovers can all make a difference in the world to a homeless cat or dog. No-kill shelters are a blessing to many communities because they go the extra mile to try to find homes for these lovely creatures. If not, this shelter becomes their home forever.

The big problem is, No-Kill shelters quickly become over-filled.

Shelters Without a No-Kill Policy:

For shelters that do not have this no-kill policy, these animals live on borrowed time, and the clock quickly ticks away to the day they must be euthanized. These poor innocent dogs and cats never get adopted into loving homes. My heart aches for these poor lovely homeless dogs and cats. Adoptions are not just for these dates, but must continue throughout the year, or our shelters become overcrowded. Shelters can only take a limited number of animals.

You Yearn to Adopt a Dog or Cat, but Cannot?

I realize that perhaps you want to adopt a cat or dog, but because of current circumstances, it is impossible. You can still make a massive difference in the following ways. Both types of animal shelters have ongoing money and staff constraints.

  • Drop off cat and dog food every month at local shelters. Ask to look at their list of needs and contribute what you can.
  • The shelter staff works thin. These staff members need a rest sometimes. Check into donating a bit of your time to the care of shelter pets.
  • Consider opening your home to an animal temporarily by fostering.
  • Local Humane Societies and No-Kill shelters plan and host events every year to raise money for operating expenses for their homeless animals. Sign up today for the next event and help out.
  • If you still cannot or are unable to do the above, all is not lost. You can help out another way by opening your wallets and donating money regularly. Shelters run on a shoestring budget. They Need Your Help!

Is Your Commitment Deep Enough?

The good news is that this world also has an abundance of loving, devoted, and caring pet people who devote their time, money, and effort to give deserving dogs and cats a loving home. Each person can only do so much, but we can do more by working together.

When you decide that adopting a pet is what you want to do, then, by all means, waste no more time because a beautiful cat or dog is waiting for you.

As you tour the shelter, remember that it is not only you who picks out a pet. Moreover, the pet must be allowed to pick its next parents. You and the animal must quickly bond. Amazingly, this homeless pet knows before you do that, you two are meant to be together until the end of time. Pets know!

When Pet Adoptions Go Wrong?

It happens! After bringing your pet home, you may realize that you and your pet made a wrong decision, and this adoption will not work. Each situation is different, and circumstances arise beyond your or the animal’s control.

Before leaving the shelter, find out their policy if the adoption does not work out. Most shelters that I know of will take an animal back. Thus, you can readopt until you find the right cat or dog, but please do not make this habit. Perhaps you need to chew on the idea a while longer if this happens.

How Long Can I Leave My Cat Alone?

Cats usually sleep up to 18 out of 24 hours per day. Provide an enriching environment at home with toys and cat treats and your cat will typically do fine while you’re away from home working an eight hour day.

However, whenever you plan to be away from home for any longer than a day vacationing or traveling for work  always hire a cat sitter. Leaving your cat home alone for any longer than 24 hours is wrong and dangerous.

Find yourself a quality pet sitter. Call your vet’s office or Humane Society for quality referrals. Providing exceptional care for your cats means ensuring that they are well cared for when you can’t be home. Hire a professional cat sitter to ensure your cat gets the love, care, and enrichment they need when you can’t be home. Cat sitting is an essential service to the community.

The Last Warning!

You must never abandon your cat or allow it to run free through your neighborhood. Get your cat or dog spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

Adopting a cat or dog means you make a lifetime commitment to give that animal the deep love and care it deserves, it will return a depth of unconditional love you never thought possible.

Black cat in a crate waiting to be adopted.