Respect Your Cat Day: Are You Showing Your Cat Enough Respect?

What? Another day devoted to celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and magical charm of cats, you ask? You bet! Respect Your Cat Day isn’t as well-known as Saturday #catterday on Twitter or International Cat Day on August 8, but now that you know this day exists, our cat sitting service is here to give you the best advice on how to properly respect your cat.

But, you already respect your cat, right? You make sure your kitty has enough to eat, a soft place to sleep, plenty of cuddles, and a basketful of toys. How much more respect can you give your cat?

You’d be surprised!

5 Ways to Improve Your Level of Respect for Your Cat

1. Respect Your Cat’s Need to Cover Stuff in the Litterbox

Cats are literally covering their “butts” when they paw, dig, and fling litter outside the box. Hiding the scent of pee and poop under mounds of dirt was their ancestors’ way of preventing predators from finding and following them on the Serengeti. So, when you’re watching in horror as your cat launches shower after shower of litter into the air after an elimination event, respect his need to satisfy an ancient instinct by simply waiting patiently nearby with a broom and dustpan in hand.

2. Respect Your Cat’s Requests and Rebuffs for Strokes and Cuddles

Some cats get overstimulated after being petted for a certain amount of time. And, they won’t hesitate to tell humans when they’ve had enough stroking. Scratching, nipping, and growling are signs your cat doesn’t want his body touched anymore. Although you may want to keep petting your feline, respect your cat’s announcement that he’s just not that into you at that moment. But, don’t despair. It’s a given your cat will be receptive to strokes and pets later on!

3. Respect Your Cat’s Dismissal of Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Research shows cats can instinctively recognize fat to protein ratios in food by simply smelling or licking food. The unwillingness to try different foods is called neophobia and explains why cats are reluctant to try new brands of cat food. Cats can also be put off by the color of food, especially if it is darker in color than the food they are used to being served. So, if you think your kitty would love a new type of wet food or kibble but he seems content with his current food type, it’s likely that the food he is currently eating is just fine with him. Respect his food choices!

4. Respect Your Cat’s Desire to Sit On Top of Doors

If you’ve ever had that feeling of being watched and searched all around you for a pair of eyes, you probably didn’t find that pair of eyes until you viewed the top of a closet door or any room door. And–there’s the culprit! Your cat is lording over you, the room, and the world from atop a door, apparently enjoying this position. Cats climb things to get to the top of them because they know it is in their best interest to scope the area for possible prey, dangers, or other predators. So, don’t make your cat get off the top of a door frame. Respect him channeling his inner leopard and let him stay there for as long as he wants.

5. Respect Your Cat’s Ability to Knock Stuff Over Quickly and Efficiently

So, why do they do it? Why do cats sit next to an object for several minutes, appear uninterested in the object, and then suddenly swat the object off the table onto the floor? Cat experts have three explanations for this annoying behavior: cats love the attention they get, they’re just bored and it’s a fun thing to do, or it could be a manifestation of their predator instinct. Since the compulsion to push a half-full glass of water onto the carpet could be instinctive, remain respectful of your cat while cleaning up the mess. After all, it’s only water!

A Cat Sitter Who Respects All This and More!

Providing exceptional care for your cats means ensuring that they are well cared for and respected when you can’t be home. Contact us today to hire a professional cat sitter who will love and spoil your cat just like you do when you are home.

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