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Side profile of grey tabby cat.

3 Common Cat Behavioral Concerns and Remedies

One of the main goals all cat owners want to reach is an understanding of feline behavior and ensuring a ...
Kitten looking up.

4 Enrichment Tips to Help Your Cat Lead a Healthy and Happy Life

If you have cats in your home, you know just how much they can be like family. They are always ...
Cat comfortably sitting.

5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe At Home

Not many cat owners have the luxury of being able to keep their cats under watch all the time. There ...
Orange cats wearing a scarf.

3 Ways To Prepare For Your Cat Sitter

To make sure all the necessities to take the best care of your cat, please check off the items on ...
Black cat walking.

Black Cat Awareness Month

Celebrating The Beauty Of The Most Majestic Felines To Roam This Earth Do you know the infamous notion that black ...
Orange kitty laying down.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Cats have been the best companions and cuddle buddies. They are always by our side, even when no one else ...
Black kitty with orange eyes looking up.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Many things may come to your mind when someone mentions a black cat and some of these things are not ...
Ginger kitty laying down.

Celebrating International Cat Day

August 8, 2020, is International Cat Day. This is a day that people get to celebrate one of the most ...
Adorable orange and white kitty.

Happy National Kitten Day

Feline lovers celebrate July 10th as National Kitten Day! Domesticated and loved by millions of people around the globe, these ...


Cats And Humans; A One-Sided Love Story We all know how the human race is obsessed with cats. This innocent-looking ...